Thursday, November 27, 2008

Album: Echoes Therein Gale - Echoes Of Darkness

Band: Echoes Therein Gale
Album: Echoes Of Darkness
Label: Thonar Records
Year: 2008

01. Echoes Of Darkness Dissolve The Silence
02. Foes Of Light Beautify My Solitude
03. Like A Dream Of Immense Beauty
04. Silent Tears For The Sanguine Dawn
05. In The Maelstrom Of Nocturnal Lust
06. Serene Escape Of A Dolorous Romance

Echoes Therein Gale is an experimental/dark ambient band from Greece. Atmospheric yet intense is the sound of the band. “Echoes Of Darkness” is their debut album and it has been released this November by Thonar Records. The band has also collaborated with the japanese cyber punk writer Kenji Siratori and has released an ep.

Echoes Therein Gale is not just music. It's a nigthmare that was born back in 2006. A neverending story of darkness, grief and hope. The music is just the soundtrack of this horrible dream...

Official Site
Buy from Mono-culture store or directly from the band's Myspace page

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