Sunday, December 04, 2016

Video Premiere: Ciempiés - Placenta

Today we are premiering the first official video by Ciempiés and their song "Placenta" from the EP Menos Que Cero.

Ciempiés is the solo project of the Spanish musician Fran H. recently signed to Sportklub Rotter Damm label.

His first work appeared in March of 2014 in demo format. Seven songs that had been recorded throughout January / February of 2014 and that after being published on the web obtained a good response within the more "post-rocker" audience. 

Ciempiés' music could be defined as ambient / post-rock / shoegaze but without falling into the classic sound of the bands of these styles. Mostly the project is characterized by the use of acoustic instruments, soft and distant guitars combined with occasional doses of distortion, as well as electronic instruments, DIY machinery, synthesizers, field recordings, etc ... Although the biggest bet of Ciempiés is always perform songs with a high emotional content that are capable of transmitting the joy and sadness of the people we live in these days.


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