Friday, May 30, 2008

Album: Swallow The Ocean - Swallow The Ocean

Band: Swallow The Ocean
Album: Swallow The Ocean
Label: Forgotten Empire Records
Year: 2008

01. Sirens Mourning
02. Amphibian
03. Dancing Upon A Sunken Vessel
04. Latitude
05. Archive
06. Hands Folded, Eyes To The Sky
07. Sink Or Swim
08. It's Safe To Sleep Now

From the ashes of many former bands (The Rescue, Ivo Shandor, Through the Discord, When Dreams Die, and Killsport), Swallow The Ocean has formed with the mission to write and play the music that they love. From a calm dark melody to an exploding sonic groove.
Wall-of-sound style post-hardcore — the kind of stuff that would make you want to sit back and drift away if there wasn’t a 200-pound dude in your face screaming at you. Heavily influenced by the modal textures and ocean themes of groups like Isis, Cult Of Luna etc…This EP is stands out from beginning to end!


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