Sunday, October 27, 2013

Album: Lehnen - I See Your Shadow

Band: Lehnen
Album: I See Your Shadow
Label: Cloud Contact Records
Year: 2013

01. Death Angel 
02. Eighty Years 
03. Acceptance 
04. Thomas 
05. I See Your Shadow 
06. Breathing Machines 
07. Draw What You Know 
08. Figures 
09. Take Me Home 
10. Deadhymn

Two Americans, two Austrians that make loud, beautiful music.
Loudness next to tranquility: Opposites find their way together here, and through the many expanded classic rock line-up elements, find their way into the big picture. Conservative electronics and synthesizers play as important of a roll as accordion or glockenspiel, not to mention the often multi-layered vocals. 
“Diverse” is a word that frequents the subconscious while listening to Lehnen; something that is due, no doubt , to the eclectic listening tendencies of the four band members: from Post-Rock and Post-Hardcore, to a variety of electronic music, all the way to classic Indie-Rock and Folk, which in the end adds up to a sum that is worth more than each of the individual parts.

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