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Album: The Atomic Bomb Audition - Roots Into The See

Band: The Atomic Bomb Audition
Album: Roots Into The See
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Limit
02. Horizons
03. Bas

Hailing out of Oakland, CA, The Atomic Bomb Audition presents its own brand of aural film-making. Tides of processed percussion and voice cascade about you while grand themes unfold unto the horizon. In this vision, surf guitars make way for discordant sound-scape; electronic drones enter civil unions with folk melodies, and doom ascends from the abyss in riff form. In all, The Atomic Bomb Audition is founded on a love of music with integrity, appreciation for delicate sonorous minutiae, very high volume, frustration with the end of times, and comedy.

The Atomic Bomb Audition formed in 2004 as a duo of Alee and Brian. The name spawned from a word-play game Brian did back in the day; it made more sense at the time. In 2004-2005, compositions began to unfurl heavily influenced by film music, doom metal, and psychedelic textures. In May 2005, Phil joined the band on bass and the trio began elaborating the pieces. By the end of 2005 they had played numerous local shows, completed a West Coast Tour, and had finished principle recording for our first album, "Eleven Theatres." By mid-2006, "Eleven Theatres" was released in conjunction with Hector Stentor Records and received positive reviews for its complex, yet emotional pieces that naturally traversed music styles. Another tour ensued in support of the album and new material began to be fleshed out. In 2007, Norman (our engineer) joined the band to perform live signal processing, adding another layer to our sound. Later in mid-2007, we parted ways with Phil and recruited Jason on bass. With Jason and Norman added to the mix, they began writing some truly elaborate yet thematically cohesive songs. "Light Will Remain" (2008) saw the emergence of these now signature 20' song suites, peaks and valleys of hooky melodies and dramatic build-ups that recall the side-long journeys of vintage Pink Floyd, only with more metallic heft. They self-released the album and went on two tours (West Coast, and Southwest) to promote it. Currently they are working on yet more new material that is, as Tommy Corn would say, "gonna go to an even darker place of nothingness".

*Thanx to Norman for submitting this.

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