Sunday, October 23, 2011

EP: Morris i Motljus - Morris i Motljus

Band: Morris i Motljus
Album: Morris i Motljus EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Drömmar Är Som Vackrast Innan De Går I Uppfyllelse
02. En Sång Farväl
03. Cockpit Consura
04. Jag Släpper Aldrig In Dig Här Igen
05. Fann Du Frälsning I Salvation Valley?
06. Consura Cockpit
07. Ett Sista Uppvaknande
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Morris i Motljus is an instrumental act from Stockholm that delivers a mix of apocalyptic post-rock and neo classical music. A cinematic sound and a wide spectra of both bombastic parts and quiet melodies gives the listener a floating atmospheric experience.

Morris i Motljus was formed as "Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris" by Henrik Ivarsson in the summer of 2010. The name was taken from a headline of an article about an old lady who was afraid that the fox had caught her cat."Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris" was never meant to be an artist name. The original idea was just to write music for a wacky story, but the material received good response on the net, and suddenly it had developed into a serious project.

"Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris" released two digital EPs and some single tracks on the net. In the end of august 2011 the name was changed to Morris i Motljus.

The new EP, and the first under the name Morris i Motljus, released today and has a duration just under 30 minutes. In this EP, Henrik Ivarsson (the man behind Morris i Motljus), experiments with new elements, like choir chanting and adds black metal touches in some of the tracks. The result is a well structured EP, starting calmly and reaching its peak at the end with "Ett Sista Uppvaknande". It's just like a movie, where, little by little, you get eager to see what will happen in the end.


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