Thursday, October 20, 2011

EP: Oak - Demo

Band: Oak
Album: Demo EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Last Day Of...
02. Vibration Of Shields
03. I'm (Not) Dying
04. In Silent Waters
05. Everyone Is Guilty, Especially Those Which Show

The Boring (punk-hardcore, France) and I Am John Spartan (punk-emo-crust, France) were touring together when Sebastien (guitar player in The Boring), Thibault (singer in I Am John Spartan) and Thomas (bass player in I Am John Spartan) decided to play music together after the tour in another form and in another style than punk.

Sebastien is playing drums, Thibault and Thomas guitars. Pierre, from Hope Is A Curse (a local post-core band) joined them playing bass. After a few gigs in the Strasbourg area (East of France, where the band is based), they’ve recorded their first demo between July and September 2010 with Sam System-D Prod. After that, Oak became a five-piece band when Sam joined them playing the guitar.


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archiv hate said...

highly recommended! also published to my blog some time ago.

Sam said...

This is not the same band, sorry...
Still good music though!

Also check