Friday, October 21, 2011

Album: Audiocæneat! - Red Sessions

Band: Audiocæneat!
Album: Red Sessions
Label:  Frontal Noize
Year: 2010

01. The Truth Unfolded I
02. Buh!
03. From The Massives To The Masses
04. Kalypso
05. Painting The Earth With Night Flares
06. Idylla

Audiocæneat!, starting in November 2009, is a quartet based in Dresden, Germany. Their musical style could be considered as a mixture of post-rock, shoegaze and 90's stuff.

With this release, Audiocæneat! celebrate their debut. Their music combines downright cinematic post-rock with modern shoegaze. Huge soundwalls are decorated with charming vocals, stunning melodrama fades into an ambient idyllic soundscape. Dodgy rhythms meet mighty, sad guitar lines. This album succeeds to build up a more and more growing atmosphere and does not get dreary after listening to it for the 1002nd time. Those who like Mogwai, Blueneck, Immanu El or Jesu will love this album!

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