Monday, May 21, 2007

Band: Jet Black (2001-2006)

We are poets....
Who love to dance on rooftops...
We watch the sun set down...
We watch the shadow in the dawn.
from: Zeit (7", 2003)

Jet Black released their first 7inch in 2002 on Unterm Durchschnitt. A very intense mixture of instinctive anger and deep-moving screarns. Their 7incher feels like restraintless movings - straight to the point without accepting standstill or resignation. While their hearts beat time Danny, Mischa, Nils and Kevin scream out avowedly that emotional ballast. Feels like a state in motion. 2006 the boys released their first album titled "The Dead End". They present gloomy and noisy orchestral post-hardcore, whose heavy and destructive walls alternate with emo-parts and broad guitar feedbacks, ever changing dynamics and passionate vocals. Lyrics are in both English & German. A post-hc ending, dark and driving. With their album-debut the band split.

Artist: Jet Black
Album: The Dead End
Label: Unterm Durchschnitt
Year: 2006

01.Ich Dazwischen
03.The Dead End
05.(Bonjour) Tristesse
06.Atmen,Nicht Pressen
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Artist: Jet Black
Album: Self Titled 7"
Label: N/A
Year: 2002

01.Und Wir Wussten Es Besser

Band members:
Danny: vocals & guitar
Kevil: guitar & vocals
Nils: bass & vocals
Mischa: drums & vocals

Can you come today????...

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