Sunday, February 09, 2014

EP: Hotel Books - I'm Almost Happy Here

Band: Hotel Books
Album: I'm Almost Happy Here EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Lose One Friend
02. Lose All Friends
03. Lose Yourself

Hotel Books is an expression of spirit conveyed through spoken-word poetry and ambient music.

"This album is a collection of three songs to share the new chapter of Hotel Books. Cam Smith and Jordan Leal sat down to construct what would be the new sound and vision of Hotel Books, along with the addition of Jonny Blackwell, Danny Adams, Dan Colasanto into the project.

These three songs were recorded during a four day jam session with Hiram Hernandez in Phoenix, AZ. After Jordan jammed the songs out with Jonathan Brown (Papertowns) on drums, we entered the studio with a perspective of creating three songs that we could share with the ever-growing Hotel Books family.

As we embark on composing a new album, we hope these three songs find you well. God has blessed us with the ability to share music, and we could not be more grateful. I hope you enjoy this step toward who Hotel Books is becoming." - Hotel Books

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