Thursday, February 06, 2014

News: sleepmakeswaves are funding their second album

The story of the project 

It was never supposed to come this far... 

Four guys who shared a love of heavy riffs, pretty soundscapes and delay pedals started jamming in a garage in 2007. 

Seven years later and sleepmakeswaves have played countless shows across three continents, released several critically acclaimed records, been asked to do a Reddit AMA, been given the opportunity to play with some of our favourite and inspirational artists, been nominated in the 2012 ARIA Awards and, most importantly, connected with tens of thousands of people around the world.

Where to next?

Well, it's been a solid three years of domestic and international touring off the back of our debut album, including SXSW in Austin, dunk! festival in Belgium, driving around Australia enough times to make it to the moon and back, supporting 65daysofstatic on a marathon 37-date tour of Europe, supporting Aussie prog heroes Karnivool (twice!) and intimate shows ranging everywhere from Paris to New York to Warsaw to London to Barcelona to Budapest. We realised it's about time to settle down and start putting all of these experiences and all this growth down on record.

A second album. One that celebrates our passion for the road, our development as musicians and what we've seen of the world through playing music. The sounds on this album are inspired in no small way by our love of live performance. With every show we've played we have gained an appreciation for the powerful connection we can achieve with our audience, even without the use of lyrics. We have been humbled by the passion of our fans, feeling the energy we deliver is always reciprocated. On this album we want to tap into this.

How the funds will be used

A lot goes into the full release of an album. There's the recording and mixing, and then mastering on top of that. Then artwork, manufacturing, distribution and publicity. The four of us, the members of sleepmakeswaves, will all be pitching in our own personal funds significantly in order to make this record a reality. The $25,000 figure that we are asking for is a partial contribution to help us reach the larger total costs for getting this record fully released and ready to listen.

Your funds will only get released to us, from you, if we meet our total goal.

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