Friday, April 02, 2010

Album: Hellas Mounds - New Heaven/New Earth (EP)

Band: Hellas Mounds
Album: New Heaven/New Earth (EP)
Label: Saw Her Ghosts Records
Year: 2010

01. Passage I
02. Movement I
03. Movement II
04. Passage II
05. Movement III

Phoenix, Arizona’s Hellas Mounds returns in stealth, subtle, and dark fashion. This revamped 6-piece ensemble has melted down the chunky riffs from their last offering into a mysterious and liquid sound that is equal parts psychedelic and personal. getting back to their roots of "the last ferry to cydonia" sessions this release is a more calmer, and darker one then previous recordings and is all instrumental with no vocals. Where there vocals have always been minimal in the past they are non-existent on this new release, which allows them to tell an even more vivid story, overflowing with character, these shadowed stories of sound shine a dim yet telling light on the darkened corners of your imagination. You could cut the tension with a knife- a very sharp knife.

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Anonymous said...

very interesting release, thank you!

Anonymous said...


We are all of us in debt with you for making such a cultural divulgation.

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