Sunday, May 31, 2009

Album: Sights & Sounds - Monolith

Band: Sights & Sounds
Album: Monolith
Label: Smallman Records
Year: 2009

01. Sorrows
02. Shudder St.Kilda
03. Storm And The Sun
04. The Clutter
05. Neighbours
06. The Furthest Truth
07. Pedal Against The Wind
08. Night Train
09. Reconcile
10. Borderlines
11. Subtle Severe
12. Sorrows II
13. Pillars
14. Hidden Track
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On new years weekend 2006, 2 brothers and 2 friends got together to record a song that had been written. That weekend Sights & Sounds was created. With members spanning across Canada, they would get together as often as they could in between tours and commitments with their other projects ( Comeback Kid, Sick City, Company X Audio) writing and recording their songs. Over the last year they have worked on their craft and recorded a 6 song demo… now set to take on the world with their full album. Sights and Sounds is about more than just music. It is a celebration of friendship and passion. Don’t stop…


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