Sunday, May 24, 2009

Album: eaststrikewest - demo

Band: eaststrikewest
Album: 3-track demo
Label: self-released
Year: 2009

01. Stumble
02. The Architect
03. Electricity
Download (pw:

eaststrikewest are a six piece band from Essex that formed in late 2007 following the fragmentation of previous project threemovements. Drawing influences from a multitude of genres, their sound is a collage of epic soundscapes, soaring melodies and ambient electronica coupled with layered guitars, pounding rhythmic drums and an anthemic orchestral backing. Frequent comparisons have been made with acts such as Sigur Ros, Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine, Doves and Elbow. Having already played sold out shows across the UK with Cult of Luna, The Ghost of a Thousand, Devil Sold His Soul and countless other established acts, eaststrikewest will continue touring extensively around the UK in the coming months, due to a strong following and growing interest from within the industry.

* eaststrikewest's first demo here

Buy (This 3-track demo is given for free if you buy the band's t-shirt. So, support the band they really deserve it!)

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