Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Album: The Mire - Volume: I

Band: The Mire
Album: Volume: I
Label: Eyes Of Sound
Year: 2009

01. Wheelwalker
02. Fear

Mire: noun, verb, mired, mir-ing.
1. slimy soil of depth or deep mud.
2. to sink in mire or mud; stick.
3. to involve; entangle.

In these times of pre-packaged, finessed and finished products it is of all too rare occasion to unearth a new band whose musical nuance and lyrical message stands for something broader in scope, something larger than life.

Having honed their musical compass in the ranks of celebrated UK underground acts Bossk and Centurion, the members of The Mire – guitarist/vocalist Robin Urbino, bassist Tom Begley, guitarist Ben Cupidi and drummer Eugene Economou - have now found their true calling. Though really it matters not how they got here, only that they are here, for The Mire is a band whose craft is outweighed only by their own potential to become even more devastating.

With debut release Demos: Volume I, recorded and mixed by Urbino at his home studio, The Mire have begun to unveil the plentiful depths of their creation. Featuring the sombre crush of ‘Wheelwalker’ and the progressive soar of ‘Fears’, Volume I is an involving first step for both band and listener."

Volume: I is available October 19th 2009 on CD and digital download from


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