Thursday, April 26, 2018

Recommendation: Platonick Dive - Social Habits

Band: Platonick Dive
Album: Social Habit
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Waxfall
02. Habit
03. Maple
04. Less Is More
05. Polaroids
06. Doug-Fir
07. Flannel
08. Private Room
09. Cure
10. Lago
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"Social Habits" is the third studio album from Italian electronic trio Platonick Dive. It marks a turning point in the sound and the artistic path of the band. A decidedly more ambitious album, where the electronics, the beats and the dreaming sounds of guitars and synths are now supporting the lead voice for a complete therapeutic immersion. It's the natural consequence of the therapeutic journey they started with the first album, where the band has as its main objective to use music as self-therapy and then spread it to its listeners. Despite this artistic growth, the sound remains extremely recognizable but even more personal and contemporary. "Social Habits" is composed by ten tracks. Ten different stories of lived lives, ten fragments where you can identify yourself and get lost at the same time, but also find hope and new energies.


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