Saturday, April 12, 2008

Album: We Made God - As We Sleep

Band: We Made God
Album: As We Sleep
Label: Kimi Records
Year: 2008

03.Sub Rosa
04.Deir Yassin
05.Theory Of Progress
06.The Color
Download *Thanx to Stanislaw for the link

A big noise in their native Iceland, We Made God deserve a wider audience for their self financed , self-released debut. Referencing the otherworldly ambient atmospherics of Sigur Rós and Deftones’ driving, muscular riffs, the quartet’s epic widescreen soundscapes and frontman Maggi’s keening vocals are by turns beautiful and harrowing.
An audacious debut. - Q Magazine


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Anonymous said...

wonderful. thanks for this blog, you have great taste.

Nordsee said...

You're welcome and thank you :)

woundedpig said...

rar file does not decompress- is there a password?

Nordsee said...

No..No password....:/

Celestial said...

I also had trouble with the .rar the first time i downloaded, then worked.
The album is excellent though!!Cheers!

Anonymous said...

i cant get it to decompress either :( i've tried to open it in UnRarX and Stuffit and still nothing

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