Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Album: Omega Massif - Geisterstadt

Artist: Omega Massif
Album: Geisterstadt
Label: Radar Swarm Records


o1. In Der Mine
o2. Geisterstadt
o3. Nebelwand
o4. Unter Null
o5. Arcanum
o6. Exodus

*Credit to Tequesta for the link

The album "Geisterstadt" is a sequel to the demo "Kalt", which described a cold, dangerous but beautiful landscape of stone and ice.
In "Geisterstadt" the auditor takes refuge in an old silvermine and the song "In Der Mine" describes the way through the dangerous caves inside of the mountain.
The journey continues in a forsaken boom town. Songs 2-6 describe the impressions, such an old mountain town ewokes.
Recorded and mastered by Roland WIEGNER in Oldenburg at Die Tonmeisterei (Men In Search of the Perfect Weapon, Perth Express, Tephra...), December 2006.

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Track 3, Nebelwand is screwed up near the end, it skips for a few seconds.

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