Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Band: I Am Jack

'I am Jack' formed in York in early 2002. The band - Alistair Hay (drums), Ewan Fisher (guitar), Matthew James (bass) and Matt Langham (vocals / guitar) - came together through a series of mutual friends and adverts, putting together a collection of original songs to make their live debut in the summer of that year. Subsequent reaction to this show brought about a change in attitude and priorities - the consensus being that this was a band greater than the sum of its parts; a band that had a chance of becoming something special.
The period that followed saw the band taking time to hone their material, expanding their sound by pushing more abstract leanings onto their current song templates. To accommodate their perfectionist approach - the band's maxim being never to repeat themselves - existing songs were painstakingly scrutinised, pulled apart and pieced back together. This culminated with the release of a self-titled EP in the Spring of 2004.
Recorded and mixed in a bedroom over the preceding five month period, the sessions for these four tracks saw the band embracing any technology available to them to refine and expand their sound whilst being careful to retain a simple warmth and realism in the songs.

In August 2004, Alistair Hay amicably left the group to follow other pursuits, prompting the arrival of Jan Minx on drums in September of that year.

The band's second CD, "Stockholm/Subside" was released in February 2005.

The band is currently back in the studio working on further recordings - no release date is confirmed.

You can download their EP's here...Awesome post-rock music with vocals...Check them out!!!

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i am jack are wonderful, amazing... etc.
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your site is great. :)

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