Thursday, December 14, 2006

Band: Transit (Revisited)

Here we are again, posting about Transit once more, as they recorded their new EP called "Broadleaves Vs Conifers". This is an awesome post-rock EP and I wonder why this band can't get an distribution label...

Transit are four Belgian post-rocking ornithologists, Jeroen (guitar), Toon (bass), Koen (drums) and Nick (guitar), with a passion for nature, emotions and all kinds of music. This is more or less the essence of Transit; more words about us would just be tiresome; so we just hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it!

You can download their new EP here.

This is the first EP release and if you wish to purchase a physical copy of the EP please contact the band at for further instructions. Currently playing lives shows around Belgium, you can get a preview of the show with a video here.

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