Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Album: Transit - Harmattan

Transit are four Belgian post-rocking guys , Jeroen (guitar), Toon (bass), Koen (drums) and Nick (guitar), with a passion for nature, emotions and all kinds of music. This is more or less the essence of Transit.

"˜Harmattan"™ is no more than a demo they recorded in their rehearsal room using only 6 mics (lo-fi, old school; and actually broke at that moment :), but more will come in November when they'll release their first EP.

02.Long Song

Their demo can be downloaded here.Cheers to Lost Children music label!!!!!

2 Engineers:

Draculina said...

I got that,its very promising!!
They bring to mind explosions in the sky,and they can get quite epic at moments!!Its nice to discover a band at their very early steps!!

lakes are boring said...

wraio blog.
synexiste na anebazete kommatia.
a kai twn isis einai foberos diskos

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