Sunday, March 21, 2010

Album: On Histories Of Rosenberg - S/T EP

Band: On Histories Of Rosenberg
Album: S/T EP
Year: 2009
Label: Function Records

01. Am I Awake?
02. Danger Danger
03. A Calendar Year
04. Leave Us Here

On Histories Of Rosenberg can swell from a shimmering hush to full cinematic bloom in a matter of seconds, before arcing off on some other fractured, razor-edged tangent. Having recently changed their name from previous incarnation Caesura this new and exciting entity release their debut self-titled EP on Function Records. The record comes laden with cascading guitar lines and enveloping piano, set against an explosive rhythm section and richly harmonic vocal lines, conveying a deep, surreal and sometimes starkly honest lyricism.


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