Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Album: Filigram - La Victoire De L'Homme Sur L'Homme

Band: Filigram
Album: La Victoire De L'Homme Sur L'Homme
Year: 2009
Label: Self Released


01. Kaliayev
02. A L'Ouest
03. Sans Arrière Pensées
04. Plais De La Victoire
05. Cuillière

The group formed in 2004 under the name Asphyxie with Nico and Alex (vocals), Vinc' and Gaylord (guitars), Damien (bass) and Anthony (drums). In 2006, Nico alias NAES left Asphyxie. It was the opportunity to change their name. The combo now plays under the name Filigram.
Then, they recorded an eponymic house demo in order to promote their music. In 2007, Anthony was replaced by Franck (Holy Mind). Filigram is starting to play more concerts and plays notably with groups like Venosa, Scold for Wandering, Why Not, Concrete Knives,The Elecktrocution, Aussitôt Mort and In Memory Off.
In 2008, after several shows, the band won the musical springboard of the secondary school Mezeray in Argentan, and recorded their first EP thanks to Robin (Enjoy the Silence). Their music is a combination of different influences: French Screamo, new school Hardcore, Post-Rock and Dub. Filigram is a subtle combination of depressive metal, emotion and violence.


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