Monday, March 29, 2010

Album: Bue Nordström & Dag Rosenqvist - Replica Archipelago

Band: Bue Nordström & Dag Rosenqvist
Album: Replica Archipelago
Year: 2009
Label: BokBandet

01. De Første Ord
02. Tableau
03. For At Frelse En Rejsende
04. Fortryllende Sommer
05. De Sammensvorne
06. Famler I Mit Eget Mørke

Jasper TX's Dag Rosenqvist teams up with Danish writer Bue Nordstrom for this new project combining sublime cinematic textures with processed text readings. Rosenqvist's music here converges on a kind of motion-blurred shoegaze, slowed down almost to the point of droning imobility on beautiful tracks like 'Tableau' and 'For At Frelse En Rejsende', which somehow manage to feel organic and song-like despite the saturation of nebulous electronics.
The album builds up to a spine-tingling, epic closing track: 'Famler I Mit Eget Mørke', featuring a layered vocal by soprano Janne Korsager Sovang whose performance is enveloped beautifully by Rosenqvist's electronics and deeply muffled, almost Basinski-esque piano phrasings. A fittingly epic climax to a brilliant album - one that succeeds regardless of what languages you speak. Replica Archipelago comes recommended to fans of Max Richter, Tim Hecker and even Sigur Ros in their more abstract moments - a real find.


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