Sunday, August 07, 2011

Album: Sobre A Máquina - Areia

Band: Sobre A Máquina
Album: Areia
Label: Sinewave
Year: 2011

01. Língua Negra
02. Barca
03. Foz
04. Garça

Finding a curious mix between chaos and chilling, Sobre A Máquina, idealized by Cadu T., bets on trippy beats and beautifully crafted timbres in a meticulous work, bringing together the well-known minimalism of their melodies and the complexity of the everyday big city worn out sound.

The trio started with Emygdio C. and Ricardo G. around 2010. Decompor, the first album, released in 2010, granted compliments on a lot of alternative medias.

In July 2011 the band releases their second album titled Areia. A new step that preserves the simple in between the complexity filled with extreme influences which goes from early-industrial to free-jazz, featuring Alexander Zhemchuzhnikov playing the tenor saxophone.

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