Wednesday, February 27, 2013

EP: A Flooded Skyline - -EP-

Band: A Flooded Skyline
Album: -EP-
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. The Oryx
02. Imagining The Sun, Brighter With Closed Eyes
03. The Great Escape
04. Peace In Ruin 

A Flooded Skyline is the name of a project I (Andrew Hughes) will be using to release different recordings, ranging from metal to ambient music.

" This is an EP of 3 song, and one bonus track (Peace in Ruin). The songs were written in a few days and recorded over a very short period of time as well. Drums and bass in one day, and the guitar in another. I had a great experience just "playing" the songs, not thinking them through and analyzing every rhythm like I had with "Our Sky, Becoming The Void". I wanted to have a short representation of some music that was just in the moment. Though I guess in this case a 'moment' was more like a week, but compared to other projects, it was in a blink of an eye! The music on this EP is mainly just bass and drums, with a small amount of guitar. Which was great as a bass player, just being able to explore different ways of covering the frequency spectrum other than just 'holding down the low end'!"

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