Friday, May 08, 2015

Streaming: Glass Harbours - History Trails EP

Band: Glass Harbours
Album: History Trails EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2015

01. History Trails
02. Step Back In To The Past
03. Falling/Horizons

Glass Harbours is an instrumental rock group based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. History Trails is the band’s second self-financed DIY EP. History Trails combines a love of bands like Shellac and Slint with an equal love of melodic indie and post-rock. The lead track ‘Falling/Horizons’ perfectly showcases Glass Harbours musical ambitions. ‘Falling/Horizons’ features paranoid guitars, epic rock riffs with a stunning post-rock coda.

After ten years apart the members of Glass Harbours came back together to record their first EP in 2014. Subsequently, the band had the honour of being featured by Simon Raymonde on Amazing Radio. This gave Glass Harbours the confidence to produce their best work to date, History Trails.

Glass Harbours sincerely hope you like their new EP and thank you for your time.


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