Friday, April 08, 2016

EP: Destroy Judas​ / ​Io Apreo - Split

Band: Destroy Judas​ / ​Io Apreo
Album: Split
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Destroy Judas - To What End
02. Io Apreo - Pallada
03. Io Apreo - Canyon
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Two post-metal / sludge bands from two completely different, even rival in the past, countries, overcame any language or distance barriers and released an amazing 30 minutes EP.

My long time favorite Destroy Judas contributed a 16 minute long beast with crushing riffs, tempo changes and the necessary "post-rockish" melodies, everything a great post-metal track needs!

To be honest I didn't knew about Io Apreo, until today. I was really impressed with their two tracks on this EP, as they continue from where Destroy Judas left it, even their the bizarre "opera" part, and I'm intrigued to check their whole discography.

Destroy Judas

Io Apreo

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