Sunday, February 17, 2008

Album: The Seven Mile Journey - The Metamorphosis Project

Artist: The Seven Mile Journey
Album: The Metamorphosis Project
Label: Fonogram-Agency
Year: 2008

01. Theme for the Elthenbury Massacre
02. The Catharsis Session
03. Identity Journals (anonymous)
04. January 4th - The Hypothesis Hours
05. A Sanctuary for Lugubrious Tracy
06. Purification - The Journey Transcriptions

The original line-up was made in 1995, but the band did not use the name 'The Seven Mile Journey' until 1999. Since then, the band has played several different venues primarily in Denmark, but also in cities like Berlin and London. The band played some festivals in Denmark such as the Roskilde Festival, Formanova Festival and Vesterbro Festival.

"The Metamorphosis Project proves that The Seven Mile Journey can grow and evolve, that the excellent The Journey Studies was no fluke, and that they can play with the best of them."
(Why so hostile, USA)

"The Seven Mile Journey are among the best that Denmark, Scandinavia and all of Europe have to offer in the traditional postrock movement."
(Disagreement, Germany)

"Some of the musical passages are quiet and other times complex and cascading...and at other times somewhat mind-numbing."
"Cool tracks include "Theme for the Elthenbury Massacre," "Identity Journals (Anonymous)," and "A Sanctuary for Lugubrious Tracy." Off the beaten path...executed to perfection."
(Babysue, USA)

Official Site
Buy in Europe: Conspiracy Records / CDON
USA: Pumpkin Seeds In The Sand

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tikb0y said...

One of the best albums I've listened recently.
I'd like to hear some of their older stuff...

FFTM said...

You can find The Seven Mile Journey releases in perfect lossless FLAC quality in my blog, FLAC for the masses: The Seven Mile Journey.

Also check