Saturday, February 02, 2008

Album: Flies Are Spies From Hell - Mountain Language (EP)

Artist: Flies Are Spies From Hell
Album: Mountain Language (EP)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

01.Mountain Language
02.King Sly
03.Next Hour

Flies Are Spies From Hell began around the Summer of 2004, when we first started jamming with Fred (keys) and writing more instrumentally (we still had a singer then). Our first gig was at the infamous Crown and Cushion, Haslemere, on 2nd October 04. Since then we've played all over including Leeds, London, Chichester, Oxford, Brighton, Bognor, Guildford, Southampton.....

Basically we get together in our mates old gym, have a laugh, get pissed quite a bit, and jam music until they become songs. Some of these we record onto EPs and most get played live at some point or another. Simple really. We don’t wear sunglasses at night.

Some of the bands we have been fortunate enough to share a stage with are Russian Circles, Witches, They Don't Sleep, Last Days of Lorca, AndNoStar, UpCDownC, *Shels, Everyone to the Anderson, Our Own Devices. What we love most of all is playing gigs with promoters who put on great nights with original bands from a similar genre. Swiss concrete, My Analogue and the guys at the Joiners are great examples of such promoters. -Myspace


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