Wednesday, September 28, 2011

EP: Clouds As Ocean - Tides

Band: Clouds As Ocean
Album: Tides EP
Label: Pattern-Hungry Records
Year: 2010

01. To Understand, Eventually
02. A Strategic Dip In The Pool
03. Across The Pacific
04. Gerhardt  
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Clouds As Oceans began in early 2009 as an experiment in combining noise and more delicate melodies. Since then, the sounds have shifted around that general idea.They have played relentless amounts of shows in the Bloomington area and have shared the stage with both local and nationally touring acts.

Clouds As Oceans sound is at once tangible, but still completely ethereal. Using layered guitars,effects pedals, and good old fashioned rock ideas to create their own breed of thought stimulating sounds mixed with heavy beating grooves. All leading some listeners to call the project, "devastatingly beautiful."  

In 2010, the band released their first EP, entitled Tides. The four tracks focus on the songs they've been performing live over the past year and a half, but re-imagined for studio purposes. Maintaining the noise walls and devastating dynamics, while also focusing on bringing out more studio polished grooves and melodies. The result is a four song EP that documents the band's beginnings and live performances and also hints at the future of what's to come from the band. An introduction to a band that's equally as captivating as their intense live performances. "An experiment in ambient rock chaos gone terribly right."  

Currently Clouds As Oceans is writing their follow up to Tides and playing shows in the Midwest area, and touring within the next year. 

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