Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Album: Unfold - Cosmogon

Band: Unfold
Album: Cosmogon
Label: Division Records
Year: 2011

01. Erebe
02. Hemere
03. Hystrion
04. Hexahedron
05. Ethera
06. Eschaton

Unfold is a Swiss Metal band from Yverdon, formed in 1996. Their first album, Pure, came out on Division Records. It was produced by Daniel Bergstrand. They then recorded Aeon Aony for Division Records in 2003, an album they self produced but which was mixed by Pelle Henricsson and Magnus Lindberg. This album is also licensed in the USA by Earache Records. Unfold’s third album Cosmogon has been released on September 27th, 2011 on Division Records.

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