Monday, November 21, 2011

Album: Three Way Plane - Give Us Something New To Shout

Band: Three Way Plane
Album: Give Us Something To New Shout
Label: Spinalonga/TFK
Year: 2010

01. Let's Pretend You Don't Exist
02. Wipe out
03. Bittersweet Hit of The week
04. Fade Away
05. Scare The Hippie
06. 36DD
07. Tell Me
08. Dispute
09. Life in This City
10. Is it Over or What?
11. Straightjacket Society
12. Let's Pretend You Don't Exist (Barbara's Straight Son Remix)
13. Fade Away (Lowtronik Remix)
14. Dispute (Urbanoise Remix)

Three Way Plane is a three piece (?) band from Athens, Greece which was formed at the end of 2003. They try to be open-minded and create music spontaneously through jamming and improvisation. Therefore they combine their ideas and write music for their songs.
Stratos and Dio write lyrics talking about anything that distracts their minds.
Music is something like a drug for them and they don't give a fuck in being categorized but you could say they are playing something between indie noizy rock and post-hardcore.
In 2006 they released our EP "Bright Days" in DIY terms and the song "My Best Friend" was also included in the second Spinalonga Records compilation: "In The Junkyard Vol 2".
Debut LP entitled: "give us somethiing new to shout" was released in May 2010 from Spinalonga Records.
Since April 2011 they have a second drummer! Don't ask why..long story.
Just think something inbetween of At The Drive-in meets Shellac meets Jesus Lizards meets Fugazi meets Clash.


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