Tuesday, November 08, 2011

EP: Our Ceasing Voice & Satory Split

Band: Our Ceasing Voice & Satory
Album: 7'' Split
Label: Truelove Entertainment/Revolvermann Records
Year: 2011

01. Our Ceasing Voice - For Darkness Fears The Light
02. Satory - The Translator

For Darkness Fears The Light poses the deeply moving return of Our Ceasing Voice after the success of their debut album 'When the Headline Hit Home'. Striking vocals and powerful drumming enable the band to dare the leap and take their ambient based tunes a step further, while retaining the outfits's full melodramatic force.

Originated in a time of change, Satory's track, The Translator, defines an important turning point in the story of the beast that was introduced in their 2009 EP. Expressive heaviness and valleys of hope constitute their new sound, bringing the powerful machinery back to the post-metal front.

Our Ceasing Voice


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