Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Inquisition: 063.So Hideous

1. How did you came up with the name of the band? 

Name is from a documentary on Dario Argento. Got sued in 2011 for using it…shortened it.

2. Do you have a standard procedure of creating a song? Do you just jam around or is there a main riff and the track is build up on it? 

The songs are either written on the piano in full or entered into a notation program on my phone if any instruments are unavailable. It’s better for me to have a strong idea of how the entire piece will play out initially and work to explore the various permutations of it with the band. Not really into jamming… we have to use our time wisely.

3. What are your influences and what kind of music do you hear when you are at home? 

During the writing of Laurestine there was a lot of Vivaldi, Max Richter, Suffocate For Fuck Sake and The Weeknd on at home.

4. Which is the one album you can't live without? 

The Smashing Pumpkins: Adore.

5. What's the first record you've ever bought? 

Nirvana: Nevermind. With my allowance...

6. Name a band that you would like to share the stage or tour with? 

Olafur Arnalds. It would be fantastic to play alongside a chamber ensemble and composer of that magnitude.

7. Did the internet and specially the blogs helped to spread your music around the world? Name a place (country) that you were surprised to know your music has reached to? 

The internet absolutely aids in getting the music to fans and trolls alike. I was most surprised by our reach in Russia but maybe some of the more histrionic, romantic style chords resonate there… Ahuenno

8. Do you support the idea of bandcamp where fans can decide the price or services like Spotify?

These are fantastic promotional tools but my feeling is that we are on the precipice of a change in the model within the next five years or so. We have to develop a happier medium between the accessibility of product without completely devaluing it.

9. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? 

Sounding very different.

10. Is the artwork of an album important nowadays in the digital era? 

For our purposes, only if it’s coupled with a strong album. A nice cover with substandard or mediocre sound means you have a friend who’s a great graphic designer.

11. What is you favorite album cover? 

MONO: Hymn To The Immortal Wind. The cover tells you everything about the record sonically and conceptually.

12. It seems that a lot of people are turning on vinyl again. Why do you think that is and which is your preferable media format? 

I’m not one of those audiophiles or purists but I believe some it has to do with the tangible and ritualistic (take out of jacket, study sleeve/lyrics, immerse yourself in record as needle hits, etc.) elements of it. When your music is on a phone some of the time you’re less invested and more blocking out the sound of people on the L train or gearing up for a workout.

13. What's the most vivid story or moment as a band? 

Recording the orchestra and choir for Laurestine was the textbook cliche dreams coming true moment. It’s one thing to carry that sound with you in your “head” for years but another all together to have it and your hard work realized by exceptionally talented musicians at the top of their game. Forever grateful.

So Hideous are releasing their new album on 16 October via Prosthetic Records.


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