Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Album: Envy - A Dead Sinking Story

Envy is one of the foremost hardcore/screamo bands in Japan. They have a large following outside of their native Japan, and are signed to Rock Action Records in Europe and Temporary Residence Limited in North America, though originally they worked with Level Plane Records. Vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa was featured on the song "I Chose Horses" from the album Mr.Beast by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, the same band that owns and operates Rock Action Records.

A Dead Sinking Story

Released: 2003.04.25 (SO-004)
Label: Sonzai Records

01.Chain Wandering Deeply
02.Distress of Ignorance
04.Color of Fetters
05.Unrepairable Gentleness
06.Go Mad and Mark
07.Conviction That Speeds
08.Reasons and Oblivion
09.Will Remains in the Ashes


  • Tetsuya Fukagawa (vocals/sequencer)
  • Nobukata Kawai (guitar)
  • Masahiro Tobita (guitar)
  • Manabu Nakagawa (bass guitar)
  • Dairoku Seki (drums)

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