Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Album: Nahrayan - The End (EP)

Artist: Nahrayan
Album: The End (EP)
Label: Self Released

01.The Last Sunrise
02.A Dying Sun
03.The End

From time to time, you discover a band, that from their name and artwork you understand that their music must be astonishing. Nahrayan is this kind of band. Their CD cover is dark yet beautiful, so is their music.
Nahrayan do not play anything new, but they play it well. Some doomish post-metal with ambient elements in the background. Because the EP is only 24 minutes long is not enough to quench your desire for sludge. We hopefully expect a full length album from Nahrayan and without a doubt will be a masterpiece. - Nordsee

The End.It is the title of our last recording,because is the end of our activity as a band.We decided to put a final to Nahrayan,but before we recorded 3 songs,instrumental songs,as a farewell to ourselves and all the people that followed us.The End,was recorded in MTX Studio by Matias Garcia,in a weekend,except keyboards,recorded by Nahemah´s guitarrist Miguel Palazon at his home studio.This postum E.P. isn´t edited by any label,and will not be edited.If someone want the E.p. or another Nahrayan recording,contact us or download from the web Blood is Truth,or another similar webs to download music.To more questions,see you on this space!! Thanks to everybody. The End - Nahrayan

For fans of Isis - Neurosis - Cult Of Luna - Tides - Souvenir's Young America


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