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Album: Caldera - Mist Through Your Consiousness

Artist: Caldera
Album: Mist Through Your Consiousness
Label: Atropine Records / Radar Swarm Records
Year: 2008

01.Coast Redwood
05.White Pine
08.Dawn Redwood

Caldera had been around for a bit of time now, roaming around the Nancy musical scene, whetting their finest tunes and getting ready for the final attack. The time has come now, a time to unleash a roaring fury that has been kept tamed for too long. The band has signed their first album and recorded it with the talented Serge Morratel at the Rec Studio in Geneva, Switzerland, obviously a long time commitment for Atropine and Radar Swarm always marked with success (through Year of no light, Tantrum, Metronome Charisma among others). Caldera’s sound can be pictured as the infernal encounter between the most epic side of a now ageing heavy metal recently revamped by the arcane Impure Wilhelmina and the hazy atmospheres developed by combos such as the post-metalheads Capricorns, not to mention the common love for a tight as Hell riffage they share with the latter’s brother in arms, Taint. Rather than going straight to the point, Caldera deliberately uses sideways, takes you through the filthiest detours but stay assured you'll get your load of insane headbanging listening to these tracks. That's what it's all about.

“Mist Through Your Consciousness” has been recorded and mixed by Serge Morattel at Rec Studio, Geneva, Switzerland (Knut, Overmars).
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Cambridge, MA (Converge, Keelhaul, Knut)
Complete Artwork was made by Canadian Artist Chimere Noire.

By the way Caldera continues to explore its own audio representations and confirms its will to materialize instrumental negative riffing. -myspace

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