Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Album: Neko - One Hit Wonder

Band: Neko
Album: One Hit Wonder
Label: Self-released
Year: 2009

01. Nightdrive
02. Oskar, Superstar!
03. Monomaniak
04. Lovers Revolt
05. Dirty Natalie
06. Selene's Orbit

NEKO took their time before emerging as the instrumental trio the band has become. Mainly influenced by rock bands, NEKO mix rock energy with post-rock contrasts, play with loops to create progressive ambiances, all the while knowing how to adopt a more direct approach when needed. “Explicit Lyrics,” the band’s demo, was made available in early 2003, the year that saw the band first hit the stage in Northern France where the band are from. After a brief hiatus to record the four “Ghost Tracks” that made it on the band’s first E.P., NEKO performed a series of concerts from Belgium to Paris, supporting bands like Magyar Posse or 65daysofstatic. In 2006, the band worked on the soundtrack of “Les Somnambules,” a medium-length dialogue-free film directed by Antoine Capliez. NEKO then decided to stay away a while from the stage to work on the successor to “Ghost Tracks,” finally to be released in May 2009.

"One Hit Wonder" sounds more mature and solid from the band's previous releases and I could say that it really impressed us. Their sound has evolved to more melodic, shoegazing or even depressive at times, lines being influenced from bands as The Cure. Briefly, this almost 40-minute follow-up to "Ghost Tracks" from NEKO is amongst the most intersting 2009 releases...

You can find "Ghost Tracks" here

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