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Album: Obscure Sphinx - Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual (Promo)

Band: Obscure Sphinx
Album: Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual (Promo)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. AIR
02. Nastiez
03. Eternity
04. Intermission
05. Bleed In Me (Pt 1)
06. Bleed In Me (Pt 2)
07. Paragnomen
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The Obscure Sphinx project was formed in 2008 with a specific goal in mind: to grab the listener's hand, take him on the brink of madness, tell him about it, and bring him back safely. Their live performances resemble dark rituals of untold fears and shrieking repressed emotions. Although musically they seem to have found their place somewhere between post and doom metal, they are not afraid to search for inspirations in other genres. Constantly toying with conventions, Obscure Sphinx merges sonic spaces and electronic samples with the crushing combo of 8-string guitars and 6-string bass rhythmics. All of this is flavored by a unique voice of the vocalist.

Obscure Sphinx's promo is the biggest surprise in a while. Both tracks are great samples of sludge/post-metal with crushing riffs and amazing female vocals. Imagine if only Blindead was joined by Julie Christmas or remember Overmars' "Born Again". Thanx to pitlord86 for pointing out this band.

Zofia "Wielebna" Fraś (vocals, samples)
Bartosz Badacz (guitars, bows)
Tomasz "Yony" Jońca (guitars)
Michał "Blady" Rejman (bass)
Mateusz "Werbel" Badacz (drums)

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