Sunday, April 03, 2011

Album: VYGR – Hypersleep

Band: VYGR
Album: Hypersleep
Label: Creator-Destructor Records
Year: 2011

01. Solar
02. Flares
03. Orbital Hallucinations
04. Galactic Garbage
05. -
06. The Hidden
07. Shapeshifters
08. Unmoved Mover
09. Path To The Unknown
11. We Drift
12. A Distant Beacon

Formed in 2007 originally by the name of Voyager, this band released their initial mission statements in the form of a self-titled EP in 2008 and a vinyl-only split with Philadelphia’s Monolith in 2010. Following around two years of complications and a handful of live appearances, the quintet has now resurfaced under the revamped VYGR moniker. Embracing a somewhat experimental mindset alongside a crushing sludge-meets-doom-meets-spacey rock vibe, the band victoriously fuses melody and dynamics together with atmospherics and punishing metallic aggression. Fans of the likes of Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Old Man Gloom or Crowbar will surely find something of high value with VYGR’s debut full-length.

Galactic Garbage is a highlight, with its almost stonery groove, its cool minimal droned out space rock middle, and a killer chugging second half. So is The Hidden, textured and dynamic and melodic, the synths way up in the mix, adding a sort of sci-fi prog element to the loping post rock doomisms, not to mention one of the best little chunks of guitar harmony EVER, we wish the song was 10 minutes longer just so that part would never end.
And it’s those guitar parts, the harmonies and leads, that definitely elevate this stuff, adding a distinct melodic and almost poppy component that works surprisingly well amongst the chug and pound.


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