Wednesday, February 11, 2015

EP: Year Of No Light / Bagarre Générale - Split

Band: Year Of No Light / Bagarre Générale
Album: Split EP
Label: Musicfearsatan
Year: 2015

01. Year Of No Light - Sar Ha-Olam
02. Bagarre Générale & Year Of No Light - Chapelle Ardente
03. Bagarre Générale - Furvent

Year Of No Light (often abbreviated as YONL) is a French post-metal band from Bordeaux formed in 2001. For their début album, Nord, YONL drew influence from several genres, including post-rock, sludge, somber psychedelics and depressive atmospheric shoegaze".[ The second album, Ausserwelt, was not released until 2010 after a significant line-up change in 2008 which established the band as an instrumental sextet, including two drummers and three guitarists. Ausserwelt saw the band's sound develop in the direction of black metal and doom metal while retaining a progressive, post rock feel.

Bagarre Générale is a bit like running naked in the forest by firing into the air with an assault rifle and two or three acids that dissolve under the tongue. Bagarre Générale is an epic , massive and unreal music with sonic guitars, delivering a terror magma supported by a relentless and insatiable rhythm section.

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