Friday, March 16, 2012

EP: The Canyon Observer - Chapter I: The Current Of Her Ocean Brings Me To My Knees

Band: The Canyon Observer
Album: Chapter I: The Current Of Her Ocean Brings Me To My Knees
Label: Kapa Records
Year: 2012

01. Part I: The Lingering Scent Of Her Divinity
02. Part II: Your Feathers Infect My Scars, The Ones That You Gave Life To
03. Part III: Our Universe, Written In Blood
04. Part IV: My Will

From Kapa Records comes "Chapter I: The Current of Her Ocean Brings Me to My Knees", the debut EP from Slovenian act The Canyon Observer. Expect four lengthy tracks in about 30 minutes of brooding, post-rock influenced metal that builds upon lots of pulsing bass and shimmery clean passages. It's interesting to note that the heavy segments aren't so much louder and more aggressive than they are just thicker – it's like they're utilizing a really full, gritty density instead of oppressive distortion to achieve the contrast, which is kind of an interesting touch. Vocals are somewhat sparse, but when present they're generally gruff, guttural screams obscured by light effects. A little bit of droning, monotone singing appears in the background from time to time as well. "Our Universe, Written in Blood" is the standout track for me. Something about the transitions weaves this piece together more fluidly and accentuates the ominous atmosphere that lingers throughout the EP. This is a solid debut from yet another promising Slovenian band. The scene over there really seems to have a lot to offer. -

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