Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Album: edPorth & aiRless pRoject - The Other Side Of Chill

Band: edPorth & aiRless pRoject
Album: The Other Side Of Chill
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Right Night Light
02. Make Room
03. Post Love
04. Jammed
05. The Lost Time
aiRless pRoject
06. Drums From Beyond
07. Controlled Noise Bleeding
08. Two Sides - Same Coin
09. Bending Handmade Glass
10. Every Waking Hour

edPorth is the solo-project by Patrizio Piastra, an italian electronic musician.

Music from edPorth blends ambient soundscapes, IDM beats and distant dreamy vocals, always designing obsessive melodies and sounds that move between dance loops and electro-ambient backgrounds.

His first album “Saying Vamos and Thinking Let’s go” has been released by Inglorius Ocean netlabel on January 2010.

His last effort, “Key Black”, out on July 2011 has been released by 51beats netlabel.

He is also one of the three participants in the Youarehere project, along with  French Teen Idol and micro (µ).


aiRless pRoject
Vladimir Mitreski, a bedroom DIY electronic musician, started making his own music under the stage name ‘aiRless pRoject’ in 2002, around the time of the dissolution of his high-school cover rock band called ‘Infinity’. His style varies and evolves within his albums, and could be loosely described as ambient-influenced electronica with subtle touches of IDM, downtempo/chillout, abstract, glitch, post-rock and experimental. He often adds processed guitar playing to the programming, and has also used live processed soprano and alto saxophone on many songs (a courtesy of Boro Milenkoski). Behind him are 7 LPs and 11 EPs which he self-releases on various sites like last.fm, bandcamp and the likes…


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