Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Album: Aiua - Aiua

Band: Aiua
Album: Aiua
Label: Escapartist Records
Year: 2011

01. Within The Roche Limit
02. Wandering Flatliner
03. (Quiet Night) Falling Moon
04. World Outside Ourselves
05. Shut-In
06. Course Of Empire
07. Reckless Relentless

Aiua is a 5-piece post-rock group formed on the outskirts of New Orleans in 2008. Since then, they have kept a steady performance regiment around the Southern U.S.; implementing a wall of sound backed by entrancing visuals on the floor of their play space. Ambience, metal, glitch, neo-classical, solid rock; Aiua manages to incorporate all of it.

Aiua’s debut self-titled album takes no small steps in establishing who they are. Starting off with what seems to be the general post-rock format, the album takes a steady turn towards new ground. A sweeping ensemble accompanied by bells and mountainous reverb soon becomes a hurricane of distortion that grips emotions throughout. Glitched, panning loops enveloped by backward-tracked percussion return to entrancing bowed guitars and uplifting rhythm. The album comes to a turning point as a Volta-esque piece is intensified by the cries of a beam theremin, only to be topped by rapid guitars and violent drums ending in a sudden stop. The debut culminates in an outcry of excited buildup and emotion, leaving the listener with a feeling only elicited by instrumental music of this caliber.

Aiua self-produced their self-titled over the course of 2009 and 2010, and they proudly present it to all willing to listen. They have played with the likes of Caspian, Moving Mountains, Native, and Chiaroscuro; and that was all in one release show. With a bold beginning and a promising future, Aiua moves forward towards securing their place as a new progressive band in their genre.

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