Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EP: Saåad - Confluences

Band: Saåad
Album: Confluences
Year: 2012


Last summer, the festival Toulouse d’Été commissioned Saåad to work on the St-Michel fountain, personification of the confluence of the river Ariège and Garonne. Romain Barbot & Greg Buffier took their recording material to this specific place and gave life to a 20 minutes trip divided in 4 movements. Confluences is lead by field recordings and chanting guitars, showing a new face of the french duo who found the balance point between immensity and intimacy. The tape comes with the B side track ‘Spiritual Dilution’, only composed of field recordings, teleporting you to the place that inspired the original piece.

- Nothing to hold on to. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Just breathe as it is. Each breath is unique. Sensations change from moment to moment. No holding. No control -

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