Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Album: Cathedraal, Rings Of Rhea & Schematics For Gravity - Split

Band: Cathedraal, Rings Of Rhea & Schematics For Gravity
Album: Split
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Les Chiens Rouges Sont Lâchés
02. Qui Pense Encore à Toi ?
03. La Ville Brûle Depuis Des Jours
Rings Of Rhea
04. Destruction
05. Creation
Schematics For Gravity
06. Behind Closed Doors
07. Cast In The Same Mold

Cathedraal is a french screamo band from Paris, featuring the singer from Madame De Montespan.

Rings Of Rhea
Young Ukrainian post-metal band with some screamo/post-rock/neocrust influences. Story of band began in September, 2010. First EP was released July 31, 2011 on Gorgona Records.

Schematics For Gravity
Schematics For Gravity is a post-rock/metal band from Malmö, Sweden, formed by Chris Campbell and Anders Lundgren in early 2010 as a hardcore/metal band.
The musical direction changed quickly as drummer Pontus Landgren joined the group and as they got their eyes open for a more atmospheric and  post-rock influenced approach to their  once very clear metal foundation. The band stayed  underground for a longer period of time during their early days experimenting with sounds, influences and members.

When Martin Nilsson joined on guitar, the band finally had a steady line-up instrumentally and got booked for their first gig. A week before the concert the band still hadn't found any vocalist, Pontus contacted Erik Silverberg, a member from previous bands and projects who agreed to help the band out until a steady vocalist was found to take his place, but later on decided to stay as a permanent member.

The current line-up made their first appearance in December 2010  in Malmö Sweden under a different name.
After a few gigs to try out their style Schematics For Gravity got the confidence to record and  release their first self titled EP for download at Christmas 2011 through their bandcamp-site.

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