Thursday, October 25, 2012

Album: Caspian - Waking Season

Band: Caspian
Album: Waking Season
Label: Triple Crown Records
Year: 2012

01. Waking Season
02. Porcellous
03. Gone In Bloom And Bough
04. Halls Of The Summer
05. Akiko
06. High Lonesome
07. Hickory '54
08. Long The Desert Mile
09. Collider In Blue
10. Fire Made Flesh

Where previous self-produced efforts impressed yet lacked a real sense of purpose, ‘Waking Season’ has the clockwork-like ethos of producer Matt Bayles (Isis, Minus The Bear) stamped all over it. Each song begins with the aim of arriving at a plain of intelligently-layered majesty, predominately succeeding in doing so. ‘Gone In Bloom And Bough’ utilises programmed drum sounds and gently looping guitars before cascading into a wall of overdrive and haunting vocals. But it is never done at the expense of melody, an aspect that permeates throughout the record: a record that pushes the boundaries of post-rock to stratospheric new levels. -

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