Friday, May 10, 2013

EP: Baulta - The Greatest Solos Of Mr. Bellini Vol​.​1

Band: Baulta
Album: The Greatest Solos Of Mr. Bellini Vol​.​1 EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Saturday Night Matadors
02. You Burn As Bright As Paris
03. Bahama Mamas & Papas

Baulta presents: "The Greatest Solos Of Mr. Bellini Vol​.​1 EP"

All killer, no filler. These songs were recorded at the same sessions that was our album: "That's My House You're Living In". These are not any leftover songs, the idea was there the whole time to release an album and an EP. 

So behold friends, 18 minutes and 26 seconds, 3 songs. So kick back, drink a few, smoke a big one and enjoy. This is, like always paywhatyouwant type of a deal, but this time consider the payment as an funding towards our next release. We need few mics so we can start the pre-production properly. But really the only thing we ask from you is, if you like, share it like there's no tomorrow. 

We wanna thank Tuomas Kokko for mixing, recording and for be such a great dude, Jaakko Viitalähde for mastering and for being such a great dude and Jeff Burgess for the awesome picture on the cover and for being an awesome dude for letting us use his picture. 

Thank you and Enjoy. We are proud of this little EP. 

Last but not least, Rest in peace Jeff Hanneman. 

Love Baulta.


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