Monday, December 27, 2010

Album: The Death Of Her Money - You Are Loved

Band: The Death Of Her Money
Album: You Are Loved
Label: Slow Burn Records
Year: 2010

01. Held Hands
02. Enguelades
03. Missing Time
04. Truth
05. Maya Deren
06. New Bodily Functions
07. Tonality Of Despair

The Death Of Her Money is a three-piece post-metal / sludge band from Newport, Wales, United Kingdom formed in 2004.

The long awaited follow up to 08's "Spirit Of The Stairwell" through Russian label Slow Burn Records sees The Death Of Her Money get heavier and more focused with their second album. The master's got lost prior to mixing, then recovered after 3 months, there has been member changes, label changes and artwork changes. Recorded once again with ex-Dub War / Skindred men Jeff Rose and Martin Ford.


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